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How to add a web player (widget) onto your site.
How to add a web player (widget) onto your site.

Embed a widget so that your audience can have easy access to all of your content.

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To access your widget player, login to, select the respective station, click on Website/Widget, Widget, and then copy the embed code:

Our widget does not require configuration. You simply have to copy and paste the embed code in your site. 

You have the option to select one of three different size options, or customize your own.
Your widget player's logo and background correspond to your Media Player profile.
Be sure to add details to customize the player to your station!


Please be advised that the widget player is based directly off of your microsite. If you embedded the widget player on your website and afterwards changed the name on your media player profile, you will need to re-embed the player using the new code. Failing to do so will result in a blank player. 

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