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How Can I Increase My Audience?

Tips for gaining for listeners and growing a small, independent station.

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Now that you've set up your station, it's time to share it with the world! Here are a few simple steps to success:

Promote your station on social media.

Social media is a powerful tool which you can use to reach your listeners and increase your audience. Create a page for your station on Facebook, Instagram, or or Twitter (X). Zeno Tools makes it easy to share your stream and microsite on all Social platforms. Are you taking advantage of this feature?

The top social media sites are all free and are a great way to garner an audience. Make sure to post regularly and encourage others to share your posts as well.

Submit your station to online radio directories.

We recommend:
Streema is also connected to the Simple Radio mobile app.

There are also other radio directories such as, Delicast, and Radio Garden. 

Keep your audience in mind.

What type of station have you created? Who do you plan will tune in? Thinking about your audience and how you can reach them on and off the web is helpful.

If you have an upcoming event or gathering in your community, you may want to participate in it to spread the word.

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