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What is Content?
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What is Content?

Content is collection of programs, pre-recorded shows (podcasts) and music of various genres on a station.

The types of content are as follows:

1) Music

Music can be broken down into various sub-categories such as Rock, Dancehall, Rap and many more.

2) News/Talk Radio

This content is geared to Broadcasters who produce News stories and/or are interested in Talk shows.

3) Religious

This content is primarily for Broadcasters who are interested in promoting Religion and/or specific denominations (In Christianity)

4) College/University

This is used by Schools to promote their everyday Campus activities to those attending, as well as the wider community (Target audience).

5) Sports

Broadcasters who focus on Sports as their main content. Ranging from Sporting discussions to Live Sporting events.

6) Various

This category is for Broadcasters who offer a mixture of different types of content on their radio station. This includes all the types mentioned above.

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