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What is the difference between ShoutCast and IceCast?
What is the difference between ShoutCast and IceCast?
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ShoutCast and IceCast are both streaming server applications. ShoutCast and IceCast essentially serve the same purpose, and they're both free to use.

IceCast offers a few more advanced features and is open-source software.

ShoutCast is much easier to install (as it's self-contained in a single binary file), but it's proprietary and closed-source.

Both products are typically very stable and reliable, offer similar core feature sets, and are widely used by many high-traffic streaming radio stations.

We recommend the following broadcasting tools on both IceCast and ShoutCast.


EdCast - Click HERE to download

OddCast - Click HERE to download

B.U.T.T. - Click HERE to download


WinAmp - Click HERE to download

Sam Broadcaster - Click HERE to download (this is only a trial version. Sam Broadcaster is licensed broadcasting tool)

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